Make Millions Of Coins

With this Autobuyer and Autobidder you will be able to acquire millions of coins; in a shorter amount of time than by just trading on FC24 market.

Build Your Dream Team

You always wanted to have the FC24 team of your dreams but you are tired of trading all the time? This Autobuyer is here to help you.

Multi Platform Support

We are proud of our cross platform ability. The best FC24 Autobuyer supports: PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC

Secure Against Ban

We are currently the only FC24 Autobuyer that keeps your accounts save. Using the latest technologies and algorithms written by skilled developers with years of experience in programming bots we prevent the blacklisting of your accounts by FC24.

Why choose this Autobuyer and Autobidder?

From the start we envisioned a tool that caters to the demands of every possible user type trading on FC24 Market. So we came up with a set of basic features that enables every user to effectively control and manage their account. And for highly experienced customers we offer additional functionalities that allow efficient administration of multiple accounts simultaneously.

Extremly Safe And Secure

We have lots of experience in programming bots like this Autobuyer. UltimateBroker will not exceed any EA limits. We are using the latest technology and are confident that we can prevent your account from getting banned. However, blacklisting of accounts can occur for a number of reasons, some of which are your own responsibility. For this reason we cannot issue a refund if your account gets banned despite our efforts. Be clever in using UltimateBroker the right way!

Fully Automated Trading

You make the rules and UltimateBroker does the rest! Trading on FUT was never easier. UltimateBroker's Autobuyer and Autobidder combination allows for the most flexible way to personalise your transactions. Get the best of both: instant trade and auction trade.

Custom Filter Rules

Customize the Autobuyer's operational rules in just a few clicks. Adjust the club, league or rarity of the players you want to trade and specify the purchasing and selling price ranges. But don't worry, if the market has better deals to offer than your selected price range, UltimateBroker still finds the best deal for you.

Mule Manager

UltimateBroker supports coin muling for a multitude of accounts. It's easy to define the amount of coins you want to preserve on your main account and the amount you want to gain on your mule account. You can choose the player cards for your coin transfer freely and according to your liking. This is an Obsidian - Premium only feature.

Rule Pool

The rule pool enables you to manage rules for a bunch of your accounts at once as well as individually based on the account type. Now you can create separate rules for your accounts on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Fast Support

You have questions or want to help us improve UltimateBroker? Visit our community forum, Discord server or Skype Group and receive fast support.

Community Talk

We have a great Community Forum where you can exchange your knowledge and get help from lots of other users. You want to know the best tactics and which cards trade best? Ask our community! Talk with other people using UltimateBroker – the best Fifa Autobuyer on the market – and share your knowledge and achievements.

Proxy Support

UltimateBroker supports the usage of proxy servers for more comfortable and secure working.

Free Captcha Solver

Every membership comes with a fully automatic and highly reliable captcha solver.

User Friendly Interface

UltimateBroker's user interface is designed with simplicity in mind. Managing your accounts, settings and trading rules is only a few clicks away.

Color Scheme Picker

Roses are red, violets are blue, and with UltimateBroker you can pick your Autobuyer's color palette, too! Choose between fire red, lime green, sunny yellow and many more. Just start picking by pressing F1 up to F12.

Easy TM-Lock Check

Want to know if your account is free to trade on FUT market? UltimateBroker's Easy TM-Lock Check helps you not waste your time by quickly informing you about your accounts' availability without having to log in manually.

External Price Check Service

UltimateBroker uses external price information to find the best deal for your player purchases to save time and keep your account from being blacklisted.

Incredibly Fast

UltimateBroker is not only the best FIFA Autobuyer and known for its skills in trading and maximizing your profit, its also extremely fast and reliable. You can trust UltimateBroker with your FUT transactions.

Account Manager

UltimateBroker allows you to manage all your accounts – even across platforms. Managing your PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC accounts all at once has never been easier.

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