Here you can find the most frequently asked questions. If you dont find the answer to your question here feel free to contact us - we will help you as fast as possible! This FAQ will be updated frequently.

What Platform Is Required To Run UltimateBroker?

You can run the Ultimate Team Autobuyer on every Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11 machine. You can also use Linux or Mac systems with a virtual Windows machine installed.

Is Using UltimateBroker Safe?

We have years of experience in programming bots like this one and do our best to make UltimateBroker the best and safest FIFA Autobuyer on the market! The Ultimate Team Autobuyer is under continuous development to make sure that the accounts you are using with the Autobuyer are protected from bans. We have various services in place to make the FIFA Autobuyer present itself as authentic as possible to avoid detection by EA.

Is My Data Save?

We value your privacy so this FIFA Autobuyer safely stores your encrypted data only on your local machine.

Do I Have To Worry About Captcha?

We are proud that our FIFA Autobuyer was the first on the market to have its own Captcha Solver Service included. The AI powered service automatically solves Captcha requests with an accuracy of nearly 99.99 %! This means you never again have to worry about Captcha requests detecting that your trades aren't actually performed by you when using the FIFA Ultimate Team Autobuyer.

What Kind Of Proxies Can Be Used?

Every HTTP/HTTPS proxy using IP or User Authentication is fine to use.

What Happens If There Are Updates By EA Or Arkose FunCAPTCHA?

Our first priority is to protect your accounts from being banned by EA. We get real-time notifications on updates in which case the bot automatically stops any trading activities. We then immediately work to adapt the Ultimate Team Autobuyer and to get the system up and running again as securely and fast as possible.

Can I Get Banned Using UltimateBroker?

We have various services in place to make the FIFA Autobuyer present itself as human as possible to avoid detection by EA. However, the safety of your accounts also depends on you and how you use the Ultimate Team Autobuyer! No real human can trade 24/7, so be smart in how you use the FIFA Autobuyer.

Where Can I Get Support As Fast As Possible?

You can reach us easily using Skype or our Discord server. There we also have a great community with many helplful members that might know how to help you.

How Does Our Price-Check Work?

We have our own database live-tracking the FIFA Ultimate Team market to ensure we can calculate the current market prices for the most traded players as accurately as possible. If you have a valid membership you can easily access this database using the Dashboard and keep yourself informed about the FIFA Ultimate Team market.

What's The UltimateBroker Dashboard?

The UltimateBroker Dashboard helps you track all your accounts. You can look at the captchas solved or the FIFA Ultimate Team market searches done by your accounts using the FIFA Autobuyer. Furthermore, you can examine the meta data that is send to EA and check its validity yourself whenever you want to do.

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