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Here you will find the most asked questions from users that have used the UltimateBroker.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How does UltimateBroker work?
It searches player cards on the values that you choosed via rule management.
2Is UltimateBroker safe?
Yes! We use the newest technology to prevent a ban. We even reduce the RPM usage. Fast reaction on changes via side from EA
3Can I use my licence on different PC's?
It can only be used active on one PC. For more PC's u need another license
4Does UltimateBroker work on other systems like Mac/Linux?
Yes ! It works on Windows 7/Vista/8/8.1/10 64-Bit. It will require the .NET Framework 4.8. If you want to run under Mac/Linux you've to use a virtual machine.
5What about update cycle of UltimateBroker?
You will get every then and now updates in a monthly period and when things change on side of EA.
6What payment we actually accept?
At the moment we accept paypal and services of paypal
7I've purchased a licence how long it takes to receive?
The activation process takes a few minutes in total, after your purchase the system recognizes your payment and will activate your license instantly.
8How many and what players should be on my list?
That depends on your personal needs, a variety of trading informations for the FUT market you will find on google or via communication with other members / users.
9Does UltimateBroker supports inform players?
Yes, we support any kind of form.
10Can I run multiple amount of accounts?
Yes, it depends only on the amount of accounts you got.
11I only make less amount of coins a day.. so what I'm doing wrong?
It depends on the cards you choosed, if you can't make a good amount of coins out of them try to find player cards which a low value that sell for a constant amount of coins.