Let's Have A Look At Some More Features Which Are Waiting For You!

At the beginning we were thinking about which features are the important ones for your need to trade efficiently on FUT market. Well there are a quite few different user types which we would like to include. There are users who want to earn coins for themself to build their own squad / team and there are ones who want to make real money. The main difference between the users are the amount of accounts which will be used to earn coins. So the amount of features for each individual user are the same but the experienced users need features to controll and manage a whole bunch of accounts at the same time without the loss of efficiency. Thats the reason why we think about the whole process and why we scratch sometimes our heads and get headaches. We want to accomplish the most efficient and intuitive experience for the users to make every type of user satisfied.


Mule Manager

UltimateBroker supports coin muling for unlimited accounts. Its easy to define the amount of coins you want to preserve on your main account and the desired amount you want to gain on your mule account. You can choose free from which player cards you want to gain and from which player cards you want to preserve your coins. This is a Obsidian Premium only feature.